Suzee's Candles * All Natural Handmade Candles * Aromatherapy Candles, Scented Candles, Soy Candles, Beeswax Candles, Mason Jar Candles

Suzee's Candles * All Natural Handmade Candles * Aromatherapy Candles, Scented Candles, Soy Candles, Beeswax Candles, Mason Jar Candles


Instant Digital Download

This digital download is simply a Candle Care Sheet, which is not necessary to purchase, as my candle care instructions can be found here:

Candle Care Instructions

🌸For Weddings; Bridal showers; Baby showers; Baptisms; and special Events:
*For The Warm Hot Months
When your order arrives - keep your candles in a dry cool place for storage

Orders should be shipped 1-2 weeks before your event to insure your candles arrive fresh and beautiful- this will avoid your candles from any frosting or color changing to the candle wax which is quite unappealing

🌸 Trim Your Wick
The most important factor with Soy and Beeswax candles is to keep the wick trimmed. Be sure to trim the candle’s wick EACH time you burn your candle. Trim it to between 1/4 to 3/8 of an inch. It doesn’t have to be exact, but if the wick is too long, your candle will burn with a larger flame which will melt its wax in a shorter time and then the candle will not burn efficiently.

PURE SOY and BEESWAX CANDLES DO NOT SMOKE. They are clean-burning candles. If you ever see smoke coming off your candle, it’s simply telling you that its wick is too tall. Help a candle out! Trim the wick back to 1/4 to 3/8 of an inch and all will be well again.

🌸 How To Burn
To get the most out of your Aromatherapy Candle, burn it uninterrupted for a minimum of 2-4 hours the first time you use it. Doing this allows it to develop a pool of melted wax around its wick. Once the wax pool is even and reaches the glass of the candle’s Mason Jar, you may snuff out the candle. You have now created a “memory” for your candle, which allows the candle to burn more evenly and give off a strong scent.

🌸Never burn it for more than 5 hours at a time, as this will damage the memory burn. And of course, do not keep or store your candle near heat sources, or it will melt.

🌸 Snuff Out The Flame
To extinguish the candle flame, DO NOT blow out your organic soy or beeswax candles. The plant fiber wicks used in these candles conduct melted wax up the wick to the flame, very much like an oil lamp. Blowing on the flame to put it out will cause the wick to smolder as small embers inside the wick burn wax within the wick fibers. Generally, this will not completely damage the wick, however it could leave the wick brittle and unable to relight or hold a flame properly. Don’t waste your breath or you may waste your candle! Your candle should always be extinguished using a snuffer or by being ‘dunked’. Dunking is a method of dipping the wick in its own pool of melted wax that surrounds it. To do this, simply bend the wick into the melted wax using something that will not burn, such as a metal spoon. A metal spoon can also be used to snuff the candle if you prefer.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Care instructions

The most crucial burn to your new candle is its first one. This is what is known as a memory burn. The initial burn is the one that is most vital to a complete melt pool. And, even more importantly a memory burn in the candle is the one that sets the boundaries and scent throw for every burn after that.

To Create Your Memory Burn

Never leave a burning candle unattended. A good rule of thumb to prepare for your memory burn is to know the diameter of your candle. For every inch in diameter that your candle is wide, you need to gauge one hour of burn time. So, if your candle is 3 inches wide; you need to be able to burn your candle the first time for at least 3 hours. So, for the memory burn, it is important to start it when you

Custom and personalized orders

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Damage or defective candles

All my candles are made in small batches & made with love. I take pride in my candle making. It isnt just a hobby it’s my life.. therefore I depend on your support and your happiness in my candles. If for some reason your not happy or your candles were defective or damaged. Please message me before leaving a review allowing me an opportunity to correct the issue first. I strive for 100% Satisfaction and stand 100% behind my candles.

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I work very hard to keep up with the demands of orders. I work on orders on a priority & first placed order basis. Therefore it is very important to please keep in mind that everything is handmade, hand labeled, & hand packed before shipping. These very important steps & care in your candles can take time. While I understand the excitement of receiving your order I also do not want to rush. I take my time making sure your orders are made to perfection. I will do my very best to make sure your order arrives as quick as possible and I appreciate your support so very much! It means the world to me. If you need your order on short notice I do offer a rush order option located in my shop for favors and large bulk orders.

Top Selling Scents

Here is my Best selling Scents
1. A Thousand Wishes
2. Apple Delight
3. Clean Cotton
4. Lavender Vanilla
5. Lavender
6. Wedding Cake / Birthday Cake
7. Pumpkin Vanilla
8. Baja Cactus Blossom
9. Honey Vanilla
10. Aruba Coconut

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Current Time Needed
7-14 Business Days
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I am ordering My favors Months In advance when can I expect shipping

To insure your candles do not frost, tarnish and stay perfectly beautiful your order will ship 1-2 weeks and often at times 2-3 weeks before your event

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